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December 31, 2016
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January 4, 2017
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Enjoy 15% Off Markdowns: One Week Only

To boost our semi-annual clearance sale, we’re adding an additional 15% off markdowns, January 2 – 8 only. The same rules for sales apply:

While shopping, especially a sale, it’s best to focus on the basics that will enhance your existing wardrobe. You’ll find that when shopping at Fabtique, we have plenty of practical items that can help you extend your wardrobe – and fabulous indulgences that can help you infuse some fun and drama into your wardrobe.
But in the frenzy of the after-Christmas sales and cash-to-spend, it’s good to keep a few rules in mind when shopping any sale:

  • Buy what you love – no matter how low the price tag goes.
  • Don’t buy something that is so foreign to your wardrobe, you’ll have nothing to wear it with. The women at Fabtique are happy to help you mix and match your items with pieces that will extend what’s in your closet.
  • Look for opportunities to replace worn out with new.
  • Pay attention to cost per wear – the price isn’t right if you’ll only wear it once.
  • Don’t buy to squeeze into or hold your breath! We never do make it!
  • If you would be willing to pay full price for it – then grab the deal.
  • And thank the hard-working girls at Fabtique for making all of this possible!

Hurry, before everything is gone!